River to River

The „River to River - project “ is a long term project which connects rivers and people from different cultures by means of jointly handling water. It is a series of social impulses of creation which are realised in the spirit and terms of Joseph Beuy’s social sculpture.


We all are creatures and creators of this world. We “draw” the world and therefore jointly “water-drawing and – flowing” actions along rivers form the basis of the “River to River – project”. (The linguistic basis is the homonym of “Schöpfer” in German which means creator and scoop at the same time. The English expression “drawing” will henceforth be used to express the technical as well as the creative process of bailing water).


While jointly acting together rivers of all continents are being grasped as creatures together with their residents by drawing water from them. In this process, waters, people and cultures are being connected by overcoming geographic and cultural borders. The creativity of the involved people uses the connecting power of rivers and cultures to draw and anticipate a common future into the present by means of human action.


Rivers are creatures, the essence of life and therefore essentially shape the origin and development of human cultures along their riverbanks. All rivers of the world are connected and form a self-contained global water-cycle. The waters of rivers, lakes and oceans merge, exchange and connect constantly.


On the other hand the „River to River – project" is based on the fact that water is the basis of every human interaction. Without a joint management of water supply, without the interaction connected to the common reference water, human settlements and development would not have been possible.


The series „River to River” sheds light on the relationship of people and these lifelines along which humans spend their lives. By remembering jointly and raising the awareness of old and traditional water rituals, a community creating power is gained from the energy of rivers. This energy is used in favour of the community of men.