Sound Bridges: part of the co-incidence festival


A new work by Joachim Eckl.

This will occur in Union Square (Somerville) for 7 consecutive days, 1 hour each day. Duos -- beginning with one and increasing by one duo each day -- will perform outside and around Union Square. Thus, by Thursday, there will be 14 people performing the piece.


"sound bridges"

playing on the edge of hearing and listening


a meeting field and time-table during performance hours, in a central location at Union Square.


coming and finding in and out/sounding objects/playing and connecting/hearing and moving/separating until loosing connection/freezing and holding connection (listening)/coming together again - VIA SOUND.


7 Bridge-building STEPS to imagine:


1. "entering field"


people approach the marked field (Union Square) and become participants - bring objects/instruments or look for their objects there... Or just look around and listen...


2. "sounding object" 


people bring the sound of their object alive / play with their objects. 


3. "tuning in connection"


people find matching sounds/objects/people and build a connection via sound


4. "separating from centre" 


people are walking away (leaving the marked field) trying not to not lose their partners as long as possible


5. "holding connection"


people try to hold the sound-bridge for a while / ...on the edge between hearing and listening


6. "going over the top"


people get lost/go over the limits/lose each other 


7. "coming together again"


people finding each other (their sound-partner) again on the way back to/in the meeting field.